Kaitlyn Bristowe is feeling better after admitting she’d been particularly emotional recently.

The current “Bachelorette” co-host spoke candidly about missing family and her fiancé Jason Tartick on her Instagram Story on Saturday, E! News reported.

Bristowe, who grew up in Canada, shared: “I have been so emotional the last few days. It’s so hard sometimes being away. I haven’t been back to Canada in two years. I was FaceTiming my dad today, and I’m feeling so lonely. And obviously, Jason left, and he is having family time, and I was supposed to be there, and I couldn’t because of work stuff. And I’m just missing them, and I miss the dogs, and I’m just having a moment.”

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The reality TV star asked followers for TV recommendations, adding: “I need a show to cheer me up—a movie, a series, something. I’ve already watched ‘Ted Lasso’, so anything that cheers people up, because I’m just missing so many people and dogs right now.”

She then started crying again, saying: “Damn it.”

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Bristowe later addressed the criticism her video received: “I shouldn’t have even asked for movie recommendations because then that forces me to go into my DMs, and then I see things like people saying ‘have some dignity,’ ‘pull it together,’ ‘stop crying,’ ‘privileged problems lol.’

“I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot. That’s what I got in my DMs.'”

Bristowe insisted she felt a lot better after a good night’s rest.