The death of Alma Wahlberg in April was a big blow for Mark Wahlberg.

Mark, 50, recently appeared on “Good Morning America” to promote the impending U.S. release of the biographical drama film, “Joe Bell”. During the interview, Mark touched on the passing of his mother.

“I was always the first phone call of the day and I was such an early bird. I don’t get to make that call anymore,” he told the hosts. “Anyone that does make sure you tell your mother you love her.”

The actor also touched on “Joe Bell”, which depicts the true story of a man who attempted to walk across the U.S. to raise awareness of bullying following the suicide of his son Jadin.

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“He was a very complicated guy,” Mark explained. “He was abused physically as a child and he thought that by not beating his kids, he was being a great parent.

“But when Jadin wanted to come out and be who he was, Joe was terrified by that. He felt like that wasn’t a good idea. He didn’t want to allow his son to be who he was and celebrate him for his bravery and be a cheerleader for him.”

Mark said that Bell did not know how to be a pillar of support for his son.

“He tried to get him to suppress his feelings and who he was. He didn’t get the support at home,” Mark said. “So when Joe realized he was as responsible as the kids who were bullying him at school, it was devastating for him and it really paralyzed him for quite some time.

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“Then he got up and decided he was going to try and do whatever he could to at least raise awareness and prevent other people from experiencing the same tragedy.”

It was a story that resonated deeply with Mark, a father to four children.

“When I read the script, I realized as a parent it was important for me to be part of this. Figure out how to listen to my children, make sure they were heard and seen.”

“Joe Bell” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 14, 2020, and premieres in theatres on July 23, 2021.