Katherine Schwarzenegger is glad she and her husband Chris Pratt attended premarital counselling before their June 2019 nuptials.

Schwarzenegger spoke about tying the knot during a conversation on Dear Media‘s “Meaning Full Living” podcast with co-hosts Hayley Hubbard and Jessica Diamond.

She said, according to People, “Before we got married in the Catholic Church, you have to do premarital counselling before you get married, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is that going to be like?’ And it was the most amazing thing and just the most amazing gift.

“I know not everybody does [it], of course, because… if they don’t tell you you have to do it then why would you?

“But for us… it was such an amazing gift in our relationship ahead of getting married that we’ve definitely wanted to continue throughout our relationship and has been such a helpful thing to be able to have in our relationship of having that guidance.”

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Schwarzenegger shared: “Talking about things that maybe we wouldn’t necessarily have talked about before getting married, talk about things that couples of 10 or 15 years still don’t like to talk about with one another. Being prompted to talk about those things is also a really helpful thing to do early on. That, I think, helps us.”

Schwarzenegger also spoke about the importance of making time for each other.

“Making sure that you can carve out that time. And of course, there are days where it doesn’t happen, and then we make sure we connect in a different way.

“I also just remember growing up and watching my parents [Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-wife Maria Shriver] always be each other’s biggest support system and biggest cheerleaders, and that was always something that I wanted with who I envisioned somebody that I marry; always wanting to have that same support system and that same dynamic.”

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Schwarzenegger gushed of her other half, “I want him to be, to always feel loved and cared for and supported and like I’m his biggest cheerleader. And to feel that from him as well. We always are on that same page of wanting that for one another. And always putting our relationship first and our family first is super important to us.

The showbiz couple share daughter Lyla Maria, who turns one next month.

Pratt also has son Jack, 8, with ex-wife Anna Faris, from whom he split in August 2017.