Emily Blunt may be our next action-adventure superstar.

At least that’s what Dwayne Johnson teased when he appeared Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show” to talk about their new film “Jungle Cruise”.

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“She’s super-talented. She’s a multi-threat and we became great friends,” the actor said of his co-star. “I love her. I love her family… John [Krasinski], their kids. We’re all one big ohana as we like to say in the islands.

“I can’t wait for everybody to see her in this movie because she truly is the female version of — and this is saying a lot — but she truly is the female version of Indiana Jones. I’m very proud of her and how much she kicks a** in this movie.”

Also on the show, Johnson talked about his daughter Tia’s obsession with Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman”.

“In the world of celebrities, you never know who’s nice and who’s kind until you meet them, or really until little children are involved,” he said. “I’ve known Jason for a very long time now, I’m very proud of his career and all the things that he’s been doing.”

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“So I gotta tell you, I called up Jason and said, ‘Man, I know you’re busy, you’re on set, but my daughter, specifically my three-year-old daughter, she adores you. We watch ‘Aquaman’ all the time. She thinks you’re way cooler than Daddy, and it’s her birthday coming up.”

Momoa apparently invited Johnson and his family out to vacation with them.

“He made all these promises that made me look bad, Jimmy,” the actor joked.