Jennifer Lopez is dodging questions about Ben Affleck like she’s auditioning for “The Matrix”.

Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda caught up with Hoda Kotb on Tuesday’s episode of the “Today” show. The interview was booked in conjunction with the re-release of the singer-songwriters’ new song “Love Make the World Go Round”.

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The song was re-released in honour of the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub tragedy. During the interview, Kotb tried to squeeze a quote out of JLo about her rekindled romance with Affleck.

“You look happier,” she told Lopez. “Look, I just have to tell you, every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I’m like, ‘She looks happier, she looks happier.’ Are we happier?”

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“The song is out five years, five years since we’ve done it,” Lopez replied. “And I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love is never more relevant than it is right now.”

Lopez, 51, and Affleck, 48, split in 2004 after calling off their wedding. They sparked new romance rumours in May after a getaway in Montana. The two stars have since been spotted together on a number of occasions.