Olivia Rodrigo can count Ed Sheeran as one of her fans.

In an interview on SiriusXM, Sheeran was asked if there were any songs recently that really perked up his ears.

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“‘Drivers License’ by Olivia Rodrigo,” the singer-songwriter answered.

“I remember first hearing that and being like, ‘This is an incredible tune,’ and then finding out she was like 17,” he continued. “That was the age when I started writing songs, and I did not write a song of that calibre. I couldn’t sing at that calibre either.”

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Sheeran went on, “She’s an extreme talent,” adding later, “She’s a very special artist. Very special.”

Rodrigo debuted the single “Drivers License” in January to bth acclaim and instant hit status. In May, she released her first album Sour, receiving similar plaudits, and topping the Billboard 200 for multiple weeks.