Meghan McCain can’t help but juxtapose the status of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the company’s employees following the successful launch of Blue Origin.

Bezos, 57, recently returned to Earth after an 11-minute space flight on Blue Origin. “The View” alum is not quite as enthusiastic about Bezo’s trip as the Amazon head honcho himself may be.

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“I know this space tourism is really exciting for some,” McCain tweeted on Tuesday. “But I just keep thinking about how Jeff Bezos employees have to pee in water bottles because they don’t get bathroom breaks and where all this money could have gone for seven minutes of an ego stroke.”

McCain was referencing a story that emerged earlier this year about workers peeing in water bottles to increase efficiency.

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“We’re pressured to get these routes done before night time and having to find a restroom would mean driving an extra 10 minutes off path to find one,” an unnamed Amazon worker told Vice.