Oyindamola Kolawole, who calls himself Dflex, came a long way for his “America’s Got Talent” audition.

Hailing from the African nation of Nigeria, the contortionist extraordinaire took to the “AGT” stage for an audition that managed to simultaneously impress the judges while completely freaking them out.

Wearing face paint and otherworldly contact lenses, the performer spoke with the judges ahead of his performance, with Simon Cowell asking him, “So what’s the dream?”

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“My dream is to give my family the life they deserve,” he responded, earning applause from the audience.

Then he began his performance, initially stalking across the stage on all fours like a jungle cat before twisting his leg over his shoulder in a way that would have most people calling for the paramedics.

Then came more insane moves, including one in which he stares at his own butt while rubbing his glutes, a move for which the phrase “Kids, don’t try this at home” certainly applies.

The impossible contortions escalated until the grand finale, which brought all four judges to their feet.

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The judges all expressed admiration for the act, even as they found it difficult to comment on it.

As Cowell explained, he “loves people like you, who are passionate about what they do. You are a great example of what we look for from a great contestant on a show like this.”

With all four judges voting yes, Dflex will be back for another chance to impress them.