Offset appeared Tuesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with guest-host Anthony Anderson, who asked about his plans for when his wife Cardi B gives birth to their second baby.

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“Your wife seems like she’s the type of woman who would expect a push gift after pushing these babies out,” Anderson said. “Do you have a push gift in mind?”

“No,” Offset admitted, sparking laughter in the audience.

“I feel like the gift is the beautiful child already,” Offset offset continued, though he quickly added, “I’mma get her a gift, though. I got to.”

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“I understand that. I like to fight for men getting push gifts, too,” Anderson told him, giving Offset a fist-bump.

Offset and Cardi welcomed their first child in July 2018. They revealed a second child was on the way at the 2021 BET Awards in June 2021.