Gayle King isn’t afraid to ask Jeff Bezos the questions people want answers to.

The “CBS This Morning” host interviewed Bezos and his brother Mark shortly after the pair successfully soared into space with Blue Origin.

The launch came a week after Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Unity 22 launch.

King asked Amazon founder Bezos, “It really, to you, isn’t a game of ‘Whose is bigger?’ Honestly, it really isn’t?”

Bezos insisted, “Gayle, I promise you it really isn’t.”

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The host then said, “Because on the outside looking in, even after you announced, then Richard Branson said, ‘I’m going up first,’ then you guys went higher — it’s really not a competition?”

Sticking to his word, Bezos responded that it really is “not a competition.”

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During the interview, the billionaire also shared how they can lay down infrastructure for future generations to take the polluting industry off Earth and into space.

He also took viewers inside the Blue Origin training capsule.