Jon Stewart is poking fun at Jeff Bezos’ space launch.

The comedian released a trailer for his new Apple TV+ series, “The Problem with Jon Stewart”, with him mocking all the space-bound billionaires in the hilarious clip.

“Sorry for the aborted launch!!! I’m a bad twitterer. Enjoy this small step for man!” Stewart wrote.

The teaser saw “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander take on the role of Amazon billionaire Bezos, saying in the clip: “I’m going to ride a rocket into space, and it’s going to look just like my d**k.”

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Adam Pally plays Elon Musk in the trailer, while Mark Zuckerberg is played by a cat and a mop stars as Richard Branson.

“When the world needed hope, three men dared to go to a place we’ve been many, many times before,” a caption read.

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“American Taxpayers” are accredited as the executive producers behind the billionaires’ space missions.

“The Problem With Jon Stewart” launches in September.

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