Dan Patrick is back with more iconic scenes.

On Wednesday, the trailer debuted for season 2 of the Amazon Original podcast “That Scene with Dan Patrick”, in which the legendary sports broadcaster breaks down some of the most memorable scenes in film and TV history with celebs and filmmakers.

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Season 2 of the podcast premieres July 28 with “Black Widow” star David Harbour talking about his role in “Stranger Things” and his heartbreaking final scene in the show’s third season finale.

Other guests this season include Tig Notaro, Jake Johnson and more, sharing memories of their careers, reactions to scripts, details about how their iconic scenes came to life and more.

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“I’m really excited to start a new season of ‘That Scene’!” Patrick said. “We discovered so much in the last season… whether it was the fact that David Oyelowo and Ava DuVernay needed to write the speeches in ‘Selma’ from scratch because they didn’t own the rights; or the fact that Will Ferrell had to wear a ‘marble pouch’ during the streaking scene in ‘Old School’. I’m really looking forward to what this season will bring us! I hope you enjoy as well.”