Lance Bass shared a TikTok video this week in which he pranks his fellow *NSYNC members.

The prank is an oldie but a goodie, with Bass calling them on FaceTime and then leaving them confused when he claims to be too busy to talk and says he’ll call them back later.

First up is Chris Kirkpatrick, with Bass telling him, “I’m so busy right now I can’t talk, can I call you later?”

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“You FaceTimed me,” says Kirkpatrick before Bass hangs up on him.

Then he calls Joey Fatone and pulls the same stunt, with Fatone’s facial expression instantly shifting from smiling to perplexed.

Next, Bass FaceTimes JC Chasez, telling him he’s having dinner and can’t talk right now; the camera then pulls back to reveal that Chasez was actually seated next to Bass during the call.

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Finally, he tries to reach Justin Timberlake. The call rings… and rings… and then goes unanswered, with Timberlake not even bothering to pick up.

“What the f**k?” says Bass as the video concludes.


They just won’t leave me alone! Don’t they know how busy I am?? Jeez. #BoybandWars #NSYNC #FYP #TooBusy #DidYouJustDenyMe??

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