Kristin Cavallari is setting the record straight after rumours began circulating that she was in a love triangle.

On Wednesday, the “Very Cavallari” star shared a video on her Instagram Story, with a caption reading “Let’s clear up some gossip bulls**t.”

“There’s a little something that I feel like I should clear up. I do not feel like I owe anybody an explanation,” she told her followers. “Normally, I don’t comment on this stuff. However, these rumours have been going on for about a year now.”

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The rumours were sparked because she’s been spotted out with “Southern Charm” stars Craig Conover and Austen Kroll several times since her split from Jay Cutler last April, which has led some to claim that she’s “involved in a love triangle, which is not true.”

In fact, she added, “I haven’t been involved in a love triangle since I was in high school,” noting that her “one and only love triangle was documented in high school.”

She confirmed that she’s not romantically involved with either of the men — whom she never mentions by name.

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“I haven’t dated anybody in a few months. These two guys who I have been linked to for the past year are my friends. That’s it. I’ve never dated either one of them. I can guarantee that I’m not going to date either one of them. It’s possible for a grown woman to be friends with a grown man,” she said.

“I’m not dating anybody. I can assure you of that. I’ve actually really enjoyed being single for the last few months,” she added, writing “I’m single and I’m loving it” on one of her videos.