Maybe Ryan Reynolds isn’t quite the Canadian he’s cracked up to be.

In a promo for their new movie “Free Guy”, Reynolds and British actress Jodie Comer go toe-to-toe in a game of “Who is the Smarter Canadian”.

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Despite not being Canadian at all, Comer aces tricky questions like “What colours are on the Canadian flag?” and “Name your favourite Canadian actor.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds, who has often touted his Canadian bona fides, had a very hard time answering basic questions like “Which economic issue dominated the Canadian Federal elections in the years 1891, 1911 and 1988?” and “Donut icon Tim Horton played for what now-defunct juniors hockey team from ages 17 1/2 to 18 3/4?”

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“Theses do not seem super fair,” Reynolds complained as he failed to answer the series of very easy questions.

“Free Guy” hits theatres in Canada on August 13.