Find out what it’s really like working for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

Lily Stav Gildor, 29, worked as one of Wintour’s three assistants from January 2014 to May 2015. In a series of TikTok videos, Gildor described the experience.

“I learned so so much from her,” Gildor started. “I learned about the business I learned about fashion. I learned about media. And in the last year I started my own business as a textile designer and it’s still using the information today.”

Networking is key.

“I’m not talking about nepotism,” she explained. “Maintain and foster relationships, send a f****** handwritten thank-you note. People like it.”

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To that effect, Gildor admitted that networking played a pivotal role in her opportunities at Vogue.

“I’m not going to lie and say that I just got this job I applied on the website. That’s not true. I knew someone who knew someone who worked in the HR department at Conde Nast, and I was able to send my resume and interview with them.

“They then recommended me for jobs that were opening up at Conde Nast, and I applied for at least four different jobs at Vogue, interviewed for them, and didn’t get any of them. I studied art history at a fine arts college. I did not do any fashion internships at that time.”


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And if you do make it to the interview process, avoid this answer like you are social distancing.

“When you’re in a job interview and someone asks you what activities you do outside of work, do not say, exercising, running, yoga, and anything like that,” Stav Gildor warned. “Because almost everyone exercises, that’s probably the least interesting thing about you.”

“Plus, you want to stand out from the competition and say the right things,” she added.

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Stav Gildor also discussed outfit economy.

“If you have five really chic and elegant summer outfits, wear them Monday through Friday for several months until the season’s over,” she said.

“That way you’re really making the most out of your clothes, you’re not participating in the overconsumption cycle, you look really chic, and you’re not stressed about trying to come up with new outfits all the time.”

Gildor reassured: “Let me tell you a secret. Everyone chic at Vogue does this.”