Kevin Hart recently starred in the Netflix comedy “Fatherhood,” which served as the theme for a massive prank he pulled on pal Nick Cannon.

Fatherhood, in fact, is something that Cannon has experienced on a large scale recently, having welcomed four children with three different women within a six-month period.

Hart took to Instagram to demonstrate his handiwork: a billboard situated outside the Courtyard Marriott right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

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Alongside a photo of Hart holding the reins of a llama, the sign reads, “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

The sign then continues, “Hey guys! Here is his cell #,” written above Cannon’s actual number.

As Hart writes in the caption, the prank was in retaliation for Cannon gifting Hart with a live llama on his birthday, indicating he put up similar billboards in Atlanta and New York City.

“I’m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop,” Hart wrote, followed by a half-dozen laugh-til-you-cry emojis.

Meanwhile, here’s Hart’s video documenting Cannon’s birthday prank, which Hart described as “the most childish s**t I’ve ever seen in my life.”