After several memorable movies portraying Batman, fans finally get to see how Christian Bale landed the highly coveted role in his never-before-seen audition tape. What do Amy Adams and Val Kilmer have to do with Bale’s audition?

The actor’s co-star from The Fighter read the lines of Rachel Dawes, who was later played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight, while Bale auditioned wearing Kilmer’s batsuit from the film Batman Forever. “The testing process on this kind of performance is not about acting ability or chemistry or any of those things,”; said director Christopher Nolan. “It’s about being able to project this extraordinary iconography from the inside.”;

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Commenting on 39-year-old Bale’s performance, Nolan, 42, added, “Christian figured out before the screen test that you could not give a normal performance, an ordinary performance. You had to project massive energy through this costume.”;

The Oscar winner’s audition tape, along with other special behind-the-scenes clips, are being released in The Dark Knight Trilogy: the Ultimate Edition.  Watch below!

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