Chase Stokes has come a long way.

On Thursday night, the “Outer Banks” heartthrob appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and got candid about life before his big break.

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He revealed that for a period, he lived in his car “off and on for about two months” at a parking structure near the famous Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. intersection while struggling to become an actor.

Stokes shared with guest-host Anthony Anderson his tips for finding the perfect place to park to stay the night: “You don’t want to park in the corner, right? Because then all of a sudden, the parking attendant is like, ‘That dude’s for sure sleeping in here.’ So every day, I would find a different parking spot, and it worked out. It worked out. I never got caught.”

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At one point, the star-to-be did land a job as a cater waiter but it didn’t last.

“One of my buddies got me a job as a waiter,” Stokes recalled. “I ended up doing Elton John’s Oscar party. I got fired 15 minutes into it because I was watching the band. That was awesome, a really good time. I didn’t get a paycheque so it was immediately back to Hollywood and Highland, and hopefully they didn’t cancel my L.A. Fitness membership. So it was great.”