Leave it to Camila Cabello to keep Shawn Mendes humble.

In a hilarious exchange on TikTok, the “Havana” singer teased her longtime boyfriend about his TikTok-making skills.

It all started when Mendes took to the video-sharing app to share a choppy video of himself singing parts of his latest remix, “KESI”, encouraging fans to submit their own clips.

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“Okay, hit me with your best ‘Baby, yeahs,'” he told viewers.

Even Mendes knew his editing skills weren’t perfect, captioning the video, “I’ve been trying to make a TikTok for 2 hours.”


Ive been trying to make a Tik tok for 2 hours

♬ original sound – Shawn

Soon, Cabello got in on the fun, hitting the app to jokingly troll her boyfriend.

Sharing a clip using the voiceover from Mendes’ attempt, Cabello expertly recreated the hilarious fail.

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♬ original sound – Shawn

Cabello lovingly captioned the clip, “My fave TikTok.”