Kate Beckinsale’s beauty has never been in question, but the actress herself thinks there’s one thing that would improve her looks: a beard.

Beckinsale shared that beauty tip when she paid a visit to Thursday night’s edition of “The Tonight Show”, as she and host Jimmy Fallon discussed a video she posted on social media in which she’s costumed as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, moustache and all, to recreate the band’s video for “I Want to Break Free”.

“I happen to look bomb in facial hair,” Beckinsale told Fallon nonchalantly, admitting she looks “better in a beard” than just a moustache.

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To indulge her, Fallon presented Beckinsale with a fake beard to try on.

“This is when you really see me come into my sexual element here,” she deadpanned as she affixed a beard to her chin. “It’s a game-changer, isn’t it?”

Fallon had to admit, “You beautifully rock a beard,” and then decided to try on a fake beard of his own.

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“That’s incredibly pubic,” she told Fallon of this beard, with the two carrying on the remainder of their interview fully bearded.