Jake Johnson is back to work with “New Girl” director Trent O’Donnell on their indie comedy, “Ride the Eagle”, so that begs the question… Is it too early to start dreaming up a reboot of the hit show?

According to Johnson, “it depends.”

“I would have to see the script and the timing. I think with these reboots and all that, we kind of live in a world of fiction on it,” Johnson told ET Canada.

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“I know Max [Greenfield] is on a TV show right now contractually, I’m doing a show that I start in the fall, Zoey [Deschanel] is doing that celebrity dating show and I don’t know what her contract is, Lamorne [Morris] is on ‘Woke’, so I’m like, ‘Yeah, if every network freed us of our contract, sure, why not, that sounds fine,’” he added.

Johnson played Nick Miller for seven years on the Fox sitcom. Shortly after debuting in 2011, the single-camera comedy instantly became a fan favourite getting nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards. Though “New Girl” came to an end in 2018, it has garnered a new mainstream following since its inclusion on Netflix.

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Ultimately, Johnson looks back at his time on the show with fond memories and credits the opportunity for creating his newest motion picture.

“I wouldn’t be able to work with somebody new on a project like this because we just didn’t have time. There was really no time for each other’s feelings or ego while we made this movie. There just wasn’t enough days. If something was happening and it wasn’t working, I couldn’t spend two hours letting him try to find his vision or vice versa. We had so many things we had to shoot each day, so Trent and I after doing all those years together, we know each other. We’ve worked with each other and we know when something is going to work or not work, so we were able to cut out a lot of dead time,” Johnson said.

“We know where the other person stands and we know what we think of the other person,” he added. “So I would not have done this without ‘New Girl’ because of Trent.”

Decal will release “Ride the Eagle” in theatres, on demand and digital on July 30.

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