Marc Jacobs isn’t shying away from the fact he is getting some work done.

The fashion designer, 58, shared the process of a facelift with his Instagram followers earlier this month.

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“Yesterday.@drjacono #f*ckgravity #livelovelift,” Jacobs captioned a photo of him all bandaged up.

“The transparency is everything! Snatch it darlinggggg! Happy healing,” designer June Ambrose praised.

A few days later, he gave the first view of his facelift while recovering in an oxygen chamber.

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“Fresh as a fu*king daisy,” Lisa Rinna commented, while fellow designer Rachel Zoe questioned, “What’s happening???”

The procedure was performed by Dr. Jacono, who is known for his celebrity clientele such as “Real Housewife” star Sonja Morgan and “Botched” star Paul Nassif.

Jacobs has continued to document his recovery process with numerous posts.

He also opened up to Vogue about his decision to get plastic surgery.

“I started many years ago. I mean, there have been so many things that I’ve been transparent about. Like, once when I went to an event with a baseball cap, and people asked me, ‘Why are you wearing a baseball cap?’ And I said, ‘Well, I just had a hair transplant.’ People were amused and amazed that I answered.”

“But, honestly, what’s the difference,” he continued. “I’m not covering my face. I’m not wearing sunglasses. I’m not incognito. I’ve got some scars around my ears, and my face is swollen, and I have a bruised neck, but I’m still posting on Instagram. I don’t care. I don’t even see it as an effort to be transparent. I’m doing what I normally do, which is I’m living my life and sharing it with anybody who is interested.”

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