Fans hoping to see Eric Bana reprise his role as Hulk will have to keep on wishing.

The actor has expressed that playing the large, green superhero in 2003 was “frustrating.”

“You go from ‘Black Hawk Down’ where you’re shooting mainly daytime, exteriors, natural light. Boom: out in the world. To suddenly, I’m playing a scientist and I’m in a lab or a house, indoors,” Bana told Vulture. “There’s this other movie going on with green screen that I have nothing to do with, because that’s the Hulk. It’s the other actors that are playing in that space. So in some ways it felt like a tiny movie because the reality for me was every day was interior, studio, one room, very few big scenes. Lots of dialogue. I don’t like working indoors.”

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Other stars to take on the iconic character include Lou Ferrigno and Mark Ruffalo.

Bana said that when playing Bruce Banner, he was “aware it was going to challenge people.”

“The challenge is to convey all that pent-up, repressed energy, emotion,” he said. “It’s one reason why I was excited to do it, but it’s not the most expressive character to portray because that job is for the alter ego; you’re meant to feel euphoric when he finally turns into the Hulk. I convinced myself that I was just part of a family drama and that the green guy was the star, so I tried not to let the pressure get to me.”

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When asked if he regrets not signing on for a sequel, Bana shared the advice given to him.

“A friend of mine gave me a really great piece of advice one day. ‘What’s the best possible thing that can come out of this if you say yes? And if the answer is you’re going to keep getting offered things that you don’t want to do, what’s the point,’” he concluded.