The members of K-pop group BTS paid a virtual visit to Friday night’s edition of “The Tonight Show”, where host Jimmy Fallon got right down to business by challenging them to a game of “Will It Fit?”

“Here’s how it works,” explained Fallon. “I’m going to hit this button, which will activate the ‘Will It Fit?’ generator. It will give you a random object on one side and a different object it has to fit into on the other side, such as 42 eggs into a mailbox, or 100 marshmallow Peeps in a swim cap.”

Jimin received the first question, whether 33 sticks of butter would fit into a fishbowl. He guessed yes.

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However, the twist came when he had to prove it, leading Jimin to don a pair of rubber gloves and attempt to cram all that butter inside a fishbowl. After some tense moments when it appeared there would be a few sticks left over, a  bit of punching managed to wedge all 33 into the fishbowl.

Next up was J-Hope, who guessed that 99 ping pong balls would fit into a Christmas stocking, followed by RM proving that six BTS t-shirts could fit on him at the same time. Jungkook then proved he could fit 10 scoops of ice cream inside a taco shell.

For the grand finale, the group was asked whether Fallon himself could fit inside a washing machine filled with nacho cheese, leading to a very messy demonstration from the “Tonight Show” host.