“Lucifer” is coming to an end.

During Saturday’s Comic-Con@Home panel, Netflix announced the sixth and final season would debut on Sept. 10.

The panel included star Tom Ellis and EPs Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich where they spoke about Dan’s death (played by Kevin Alejandro).

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“Kevin Alejandro actually pitched us him dying because he’s like, ‘It’s the last season, and everyone has grown to love this character. We were in early goings-on and it sort of stuck with us as we went on. So it’s Kevin’s fault, really,” Henderson said.

“Yeah, he said he wants to go out in a fiery blaze of glory, so he did,” Modrovich added.

Teasing season six, Ellis did open up if Lucifer would take part in cases.

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“Oh, I think it’s in his DNA now,” he said. “There may be the odd thing to solve but he’s got a lot of mysteries to solve, to be honest, in Season 6.”

The full panel can be viewed below: