The long-awaited Hella Mega Tour kicked off on Saturday night, resuming more than a year after all 2020 dates were cancelled due to the pandemic.

The tour features Green Day, Weezer and Fallout Boy, with the first 2021 show taking place in Dallas, Texas.

During their set, Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day put their own punk-style spin on one of the great party songs of the 1970s, the KISS classic “Rock and Roll All Nite”.

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It wasn’t tough to enlist the crowd to sing along, and Armstrong turns over the unforgettable chorus to the crowd, who roar like thunder, “I wanna rock and roll all night — and party every day!”

So what did KISS founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons think of Green Day’s homage? Fans didn’t have to wonder, with both rockers sharing their respective seals of approval on Twitter (although only one of them actually had the concert’s location correct).