Spoiler alert: Don’t read if you haven’t seen the first five episodes of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”, now streaming on Netflix.




Fans aren’t happy with Kevin Smith’s new animated Netflix series “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”.

Some viewers aren’t impressed with the fact that the show’s main character isn’t actually He-Man (Chris Wood), who seemingly dies, as does Skeletor (Mark Hamill), Variety reported.

Despite He-Man appearing in flashbacks for the first half of the season, the publication stated that he’s “missing in action from the main story,” while Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the main character.

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Executive producers Rob David and Smith spoke to Variety about the show, with David saying the aim was to create a series “for those adult fans who grew up loving ‘He-Man’,” adding: “Not to even reimagine: Let’s just do a direct continuation of the classic ’80s era.”

“Even though this is a love letter to the 1980s version of ‘Masters of Universe’, we didn’t want to rest on that,” David added. “In order for something to be alive, it’s got to have the capacity to surprise you. It has to have the capacity to grow.”


Smith said of what Netflix’s director of original series Ted Biaselli told him: “[Biaselli’s] like, ‘I yearn to watch the show I thought I was watching in childhood. That’s what I’m looking for here, the same show, but people can die. Can you do that?’ And I was like, ‘That’s the only thing I can do.’”

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“Honestly, if it had been anything else outside of that — if they were like, ‘We want you to reinvent this for the modern age’ — that would have scared me off creatively, because I’m not that inventive,” Smith continued. “And also, because I know what a fan base reacts like when they don’t get the thing they grew up watching. You think I’m gonna be the fall guy for that? If I’m involved in a thing, it’s going to be true to what it is. It’s gonna be true to the franchise.”

Despite Smith speaking to Variety weeks before the show’s debut, he was closely monitoring Twitter for people’s reaction to the trailers.

“It’s been interesting, seeing who truly is a hardcore fan,” the series creator said. “Because anybody that’s like, ‘Oh, man, there’s not enough He-Man’ or something like that, doesn’t understand the show that we based it on. There were episodes where he lost the sword and he never became He-Man. It wasn’t like He-Man always saved the day. His friends helped him. That was the f**king point of the show.”

He later added, “I see people online go, ‘Hey man, they’re getting rid of He-Man!’ Like, you really f**king think Mattel Television, who hired me and paid me money, wants to do a f**king ‘Masters of the Universe’ show without He-Man? Grow the f**k up, man. Like, that blew my mind, bunch of people being like, ‘Oh, I smell it. This is a bait and switch.’”

David urged fans to watch Part 2 of “Revelation”, which is likely to premiere later this year or early next year.

“A lot of Part 2 is a world in which Skeletor has the power — then we get to say, ‘Well, what made Adam special?’” David shared. “‘What does it mean to have the power? What made Adam the person who was most worthy to be He-Man?’ I will tell you this: Adam’s story is not done and will never be done. Not saying what happens to him, but I’m just saying the [story] continues.”

See some of the fan reaction below.


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