Mark Ronson is remembering Amy Winehouse on the 10th anniversary of her death.

The music producer, 45, who worked with the late singer on her iconic 2006 album Back To Black, joined The Guardian and opened up about his final days with Winehouse.

Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in her London home in 2011. She was 27.

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According to Ronson, he and Winehouse only worked on the album for a week but he noticed she had some “ups and downs” during the recording process.

“That connection happened like that,” he said. “It was an instant familiarity. I just loved being in her company, her presence. She was just so funny.”

But watching Winehouse deal with her addiction was hard on Ronson. And now, he’s reflecting on his own behaviour during their time together.

“I don’t know if I fully loved the way that I behaved around her,” he explained. “When she was going through addiction, I wish I’d been a little bit more upfront or confrontational about it.”

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He added, “But I just was like, ‘Ah, she’ll sort it out — she did it already once.’ So, whatever.”

Ronson also recalled Winehouse’s relationship with the paparazzi.

“She would wave to them, occasionally bring them out food. At first, I was like, ‘This is just like a pantomime; you both understand what this is.’ Then I was like, ‘No: this is f**king horrible and disgusting.’ I know people have to make a living — but I hated a lot of those people,” he said.