Caroline D’Amore is speaking out against Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s “hurtful” comments about “The Hills: New Beginnings“. 

D’Amore, who is CEO of Pizza Girl, is part of the cast of the reboot of “The Hills”. 

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Montag and Pratt recently branded the businesswoman’s episode “boring,” while also calling for the entire cast to be replaced next season.

D’Amore responded while joining in on the latest episode of “Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari”

“Episode 5 happens and it’s like, a really great episode for me and my background and my history,” she recalled. “The next morning, Heidi and Spencer go to Us Weekly, and they say it was the most boring episode of the entire season, and the whole show needs to be recast.”

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D’Amore called the couple’s comments “really hurtful and shocking and weird.”

“You know, Heidi and Spencer are going around saying it’s the worst show and we need our own spinoff. And we need to be on a show just by ourselves. And, you know, everybody sucks. And it’s just so mean.”

D’Amore also defended the team working behind the scenes on the reality show.

“People put their lives at risk to film during a pandemic. Forget us who are all getting nice paycheques. How about the entire production team? How about the producers that worked their butts off for you ungrateful a**holes. You’re tearing them apart, you’re tearing their businesses apart, their livelihoods apart? It’s ungrateful. It’s disgusting.”

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She added, “I know that it scares some people to speak their truth about them. Because they will come for you. But I’m not scared. I’m just kind of like, this is the truth. This is what’s happening. It’s unfair. And I’m hoping that the world is going to seeing through it.”