Savannah Guthrie is having a sweet time at the Tokyo Olympics. 

The “Today Show” host found herself in a hilarious situation while reporting on the food scene in Japan.

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Guthrie took to Instagram to share a video of the moment she got stuck to a giant cotton candy while reporting on air. 

“When cotton candy attacks,” she joked in the caption.

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Guthrie tried to show the rainbow-coloured Totti Candy Factory treat to co-hosts Craig Melvin and Hoda Kotb before finding herself in a sticky situation

“It’s never coming off,” she says in the clip, while trying to remove the candy from her arm.

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After flinging it around for a couple of seconds, the cotton candy eventually flies into the air.

“Okay, got it! I’m good,” she said as Kotb applauded her from the studio.