After causing a stir, Stephen Dorff wants to set the record straight.

TMZ caught up with the actor and asked him about his recent comments slamming Marvel movies and Scarlett Johansson for starring in “Black Widow”.

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“I still hunt out the good s**t because I don’t want to be in ‘Black Widow’,” he had told the U.K.’s Independent. “It looks like garbage to me. It looks like a bad video game. I’m embarrassed for those people. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett!”

But speaking to TMZ while at the Porta Via restaurant in Los Angeles, Dorff changed his tune: “Oh, I love Scarlett, I think that was taken a little bit out of context, but she’s a great actress.”

Asked about movies like “Black Widow”, Dorff admitted, “I’m not a fan,” but added, “I love Scarlett, though. I heard she’s gonna be a mom, so I wish her the best, and she’s an old friend of mine so I felt bad about that comment.”

The actor also said that he actually hadn’t seen “Black Widow” yet, explaining, “I don’t really go to those movies. I liked ‘Iron Man’, I like when they go a little darker, I love the ‘Joker’, I’m looking forward to the new ‘Batman’, Matt Reeves’ film.

“I think that guy in England got me in a moment where I was just s**t talking a little bit and I felt a little bad by it,” he added. “It happens sometimes.”

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He also said, “I wish Mahershala [Ali] the best with the ‘Blade’ remake … we did ‘True Detective’ together and he’s an amazing actor.”

Dorff himself starred in the original “Blade” alongside star Wesley Snipes, but when asked if he will appear in the new iteration of the franchise, he told the reporter, “Oh, I don’t think so. That was a long time ago.”

Asked if he had heard from Johansson after his comments, Dorff said, “I have, and I sent her a little note. I’m sure she’s been in a situation similar.”