Lorde is the latest celebrity to join Vogue for the magazine’s latest edition of the fan favourite segment, “73 Questions”.

Ahead of the release of her new album Solar Power, the singer, 24, answered a variety of questions related to the upcoming release, as well as questions about music in general.

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After revealing Harry Styles is the artist she’d most like to collaborate with and spilling that Taylor Swift was the first one to leave her starstruck, Lorde revealed Arcade Fire’s 2014 headlining set at Coachella was the best concert she ever attended.

“I was 17 and in the crowd, and I had never seen anything like it. It was incredible,” she said.

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“Graceland” by Paul Simon is the song she wishes she would have written while Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” was the first song to make her cry. Lorde also thinks George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass claims the honour for greatest album cover ever and David Bowie has the best style.

Solar Power drops Aug. 20.