Erin Cebula Starstruck For Coldplay

When you’re preparing for an exclusive interview with one of the biggest bands in the world, there are things you do, and things you don’t do. Dos include knowing your stuff, eating a good meal and getting plenty of rest the night before. Topping the don’ts list is wearing the wrong bra, trying out a new “do and getting amped on caffeine. My bra was so so, and yes I did play up the cowlick a little more than normal – but what the hell was I thinking slamming back a double shot Americano one-hour before the interview? Now, I could blame my sweaty palms on an innocent barista or I could just be honest with myself and with you. Coldplay has sold close to 60 million albums… and this is a big deal.

Our 20-minute interview is going down backstage at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. And we all breathe a sigh of relief when we are led to the “spouses”; room. Turns out superstars and hockey wives have access to a slick leather sectional and a playroom for their kiddies. You have no idea how awkward it feels to interview rock stars in a bland, boardroom setting.

The ET Canada team wastes no time kicking into high gear. The couch is moved; two light kits are fired up and our audio tech tests her boom at every angle to make sure we are shadow-free. I review my questions for the 40th time and try to belly breath. It’s on.

When Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland enter the room, the energy changes. They’re decked out in stylish, technicolour garb and they greet everyone in the room with warmth. It’s obvious they’re pumped to share their new spectacle with the world and to kick it off in Canada. The boys seem to recognize the fact that they are incredibly lucky to do what they do and that their fans deserve the best. Chris and Jonny also love Rihanna… have no problem dropping an F-bomb and they still really like each other after 15 years on the road.

I also have a feeling they enjoyed our 20 minutes together. Let’s just hope they didn’t notice my hands shaking.

Watch Part 1 of my exclusive interview below and Part 2 on Friday’s show! And join into the conversation by using the #ColdplayOnETC hash tag on Twitter!


Erin Cebula



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