Lizzo is setting the record straight.

In a video, the “Good as Hell” singer addresses an online rumour that she once performed a stage dive and consequently killed someone.

“So I see a lot of annoying things about me on the internet, but the thing that bothers me the most is this rumour that I stage dived at a concert and killed somebody,” she says in a video she posted on TikTok.

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“That rumour, it’s a lie, first of all, I’ve never stage dived in my life,” she continues.

“And b***h, kill somebody?! You all really gonna put that on my motherf***ing name?” she adds. “Like, I know I’m big, but b***h, I’m not that f***ing big.”

To drive home her point that being landed on by Lizzo wouldn’t be lethal, she performs a faux stage dive onto her bed.

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“B***h!” she exclaims after making a perfect landing.



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