Lil Nas X wants to make an impact.

Hot on the heels of his latest single “Industry Baby”, the rapper appeared on the YouTube show “Kerwin Frost Talks” and discussed his contentious music videos.

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“I want to inspire people,” the 22-year-old. “I want to tell my story and hopefully other people can relate to it.”

Among the recent milestones in Lil Nas’s career is working with Kanye West, who produced “Industry Baby”.

“We talked. He’s a pretty cool guy. Super down-to-earth. He’s super talented,” the rapper said of the experience. “He showed me stuff. He’s working on some great music. It’s nice to work with somebody who’s done that for so long, so much longevity and still going, you know?”

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While he didn’t give a date, Lil Nas did confirm that his album Montero “is coming out one day.”

Talking about the album, he said, “It’s all connecting to one little world. It’s pretty cohesive. It’s very much straightforward, like, ‘OK, this Montero: This is how I feel about the future, about this past event, about this current thing going, this part of my love life, this part of family, this part of my career,’ you know? I really wanna let people to get to know Montero. It’s definitely deeper but it still has its bops.”