Get ready to meet the all-new Suicide Squad in James Gunn’s take on the comic-book series “The Suicide Squad”. And while Idris Elba may be stepping into the role of Bloodsport for the first time, Margot Robbie is an old hand playing Harley Quinn.

It marks the third time Robbie has stepped into the platform shoes of Harley, after filming “Birds Of Prey” and her latest comic book flick back-to-back. The actress reveals that she has embodied the character for such a lengthy period of time, parts of Harley lingered long after the cameras stopped rolling.

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“I catch myself doing it, like, I think like five per cent of her sticks around, and suddenly I’ll say something or do something. And I’m like, Oh, that was so Harley… just no,” Robbie tells ET Canada. “She sticks around sometimes and I feel a little loopy but I love that, though. And she’s gone now.”

While Robbie might have shed Harley, she was surprised to discover the character “died” in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League”.

“Someone told me that in an interview. I had no idea. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ But you know what? There’s a lot of leeway in the comic books. You know, you pick up one comic book, something happens, you pick up another one. All those things have been undone.”

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For co-star Elba, director Gunn was the main reason he signed on to join Robbie and the rest of the squad.

“It was a face-to-face moment with James Gunn in a hotel room in Beverly Hills around 12 a.m. I immediately just loved his vibe,” he shares. “But I knew that I could make something with him. And he’s so enthusiastic about me joining. So I was really in.”

“The Suicide Squad” opens in theatres on August 6.