Billie Eilish’s brother is always there to look out for her.

This week, Finneas O’Connell took to Twitter to call out a parody account on the social media platform, spreading fake quotes and headlines about his sister.

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The “Billie Eilish Updates” account shared a Photoshopped article claiming that “in a new interview, Billie, 19, stated that she cried when she got rich and ‘wanted to be poor so I can relate to most of my fans.'”

A fan shared the tweet with Finneas, writing, “5k quotes again can you do something right for once and get this account suspended thank u.”

In response, Finneas said that he wished the account would simply be labelled “satire” so people would know it was a joke.


The bio for the account currently reads, “Your best source on 7x Grammy Winner, Billie Eilish. NOT Affiliated with anything related to Billie Eilish. Parody Account,” though it’s not clear when it was last updated.

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Over the weekend, Finneas called out another called “BilliesUpdates” for “posting relentless lies” about his sister, asking fans to report and block the account.


Eilish herself hasn’t commented on the parody accounts.