Along with such trademark bits as his “Top 10 List” and the infamous Monkey Cam, another staple of David Letterman’s late-night shows was “Stupid Pet Tricks”, in which viewers demonstrated the cool-but-useless tricks they were able to teach their pets.

While “The Late Show With David Letterman” ended its run back in 2015, “Stupid Pet Tricks” is being revived as a new comedy-variety show for TBS.

According to a report from Deadline, Sarah Silverman has been tapped to host the new series, originating from Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh of “The Jay & Tony Show” and Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, with Blumenfield, Marsh, Letterman, Silverman and Amy Zvi to be executive producers.

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“‘Stupid Pet Tricks’, the series, promises to retain all the original segment’s charm, silly fun and appreciation for the often-absurd bond between humans and their animal friends, with Silverman infusing it with a quirky vibe,” Deadline describes the show. “Each episode will feature a parade of pets performing the most ridiculous, impressive and extraordinary tricks on a studio stage before a live audience, interweaving comedic bits along with games and surprise celebrity guest drop-ins, as pet parents join their furry (or scaly!) friends in the quest to be crowned with the coveted title of Stupidest Trick of the Week.”

“The rule in show business is, ‘never work with animals or children,’ but I choose to work with David Letterman anyway,” said Silverman in a statement.

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“This is a dream project,” added Blumenfield. “To be able to take one of our favourite late-night segments ever, watch Sarah Silverman infuse it with originality and new life and then go make it for TBS, doesn’t get better than this.”

Production is set to being in Los Angeles later this year.