Fergie is the best way to make any point.

Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL) used Fergie as inspiration to inject a little energy into his address to Congress on Wednesday. Casten sought to curry favour for his bill related to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

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“As climate activist Fergie would certainly say, the FERC-alicious definition is to make our planet cooler,” he said before launching into spoken song.

“Having a well-air-conditioned home when it’s ‘hot, hot,’ that’s FERC-alicious, getting your electricity from the lowest cost reliable source — FERC-alicious — an electric transmission system that keeps everything from electric vehicles to steel mills running with zero-carbon electricity, FERC-alicious.”

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Casten also referenced a “hot FERC summer,” a nod to rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song and catchphrase “Hot Girl Summer”.