Susan Boyle To Star In Christmas Movie

Four years after her performance of “I Dreamed a Dream”; on Britain’s Got Talent catapulted her to stardom, Susan Boyle is poised to make her big screen acting debut in The Christmas Candle, a movie based on Max Lucardo’s book about a Christmas miracle that occurs every 25 years in a small British village that lacks electricity. Boyle will also be featured on the soundtrack—her new single “Miracle Hymn” from her upcoming holiday album Home for Christmas will serve as the film’s theme song.

The movie is produced by former Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, who is now serving as CEO of EchoLight Studios. “The Christmas Candle reminds us that Christmas is not just about reindeer and shopping, it’s about hope and miracles,” said Santorum in a statement. “Classic movies like It’s a Wonderful Life show us that even in the most difficult times, we can hold on to the hope that surrounds Christmas. We made The Christmas Candle in that same tradition.”

The movie stars Hans Matheson (Sherlock Holmes) as a progressive minister who attempts to bring electricity to the town, much to the annoyance of some of the town’s residents, who prefer candlelight. Boyle will play an as-yet-unspecified supporting role.

The Christmas Candle will be released on November 22.



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