Dove Cameron is living her best life.

The actress, 25, joined the co-hosts of Global’s “The Talk” on Friday to promote her brand new Apple TV+ series, “Schmigadoon!” and opened up about life feeling “richer” in the months since coming out as bisexual.

In May, Cameron came out as queer on the cover of Gay Times magazine, and the positive reaction was a “shock.”

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“I think I thought that I was out… I was sort of living my life as a queer girl and then woman,” she said. “And so, I didn’t think it was necessary to come out in that way, so then when the Gay Times cover came out it was something that was so natural for me but it hit in a much bigger way. I think it was shock for me because I guess I thought the world kind of knew.

“Adding, that was a bit of an adjustment period, but it’s been really lovely. People have been very kind, very supportive. My life feels a bit richer now, feels a bit more like 3D rather than 2D.”

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Of “Schmigadoon!”, which follows a couple who discovers a magical town living in a 1940s musical, Cameron says the experience “was amazing.”

“I think what they did so well with the casting is it’s full of people who come from musical theatre, so I think it was quite a natural thing for us,” she said. “It would have been more unnatural for us to sing to track or over-rehearse… it kind of adds to that feeling of being in another world.”

New episodes of “Schmigadoon!” are available to stream every Friday on AppleTV+ while “The Talk” weekdays at 2 p.m. ET/PT on Global.