Simone Biles sent shockwaves through the Tokyo Olympics when she withdrew from competition, citing reasons relating to her mental health.

On his SiriusXM program “Straight From The Hart”, comedian Kevin Hart shared his thoughts on those who have been harshly judging Biles for her withdrawal.

According to Hart, those who criticize need to “slow the f**k down” before offering uninformed, judgemental opinions.

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“We, as people, have a really bad habit of speaking on other people’s lives… and their decisions as if we truly know what’s going on with then,” said Hart.

“Stop, take a second, slow down. Slow the f**k down. Pull your opinion car over. Put your opinion car in park… and literally take a second and go, ‘Wait a minute. I don’t know this person. I don’t have their phone number. I don’t have their email address. I don’t have their address. I’ve never been to a dinner. I’ve never been to a function. I’ve never been anywhere with this person. Why am I speaking as if I know the ins and outs?’ Just ask yourself those questions,” he continued.

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“And when you come up with the correct answers, which is you don’t, then just step off and go, ‘Man, they might actually be going through some s**t,'” Hart added.

“This girl chose to step down,” said Hart. “Unfortunately, as fans, we love her, we want to see her do what she does and her talent shine. But guess what? That’s not our decision. So hey, if she chose to do something else, let that girl do what she got to do. And we as fans move on to the next.”