Tess Holliday is looking past the negativity in The National Enquirer.

In a new Instagram post, the model, 36, blasted the outlet and their “50 best and worst beach bodies” spread, calling their criticism “trash.”

“I was voted the worst beach body this year and it makes me mad because it’s 2021 and we are still publishing trash like this?” Holliday wrote.

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She added, “Corny but also makes me laugh because I’m hot AF!”

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After slamming the outlet, Holliday shared a few more recent photos of herself in a bikini.

“They used a photo from last year, and I included some more recent photos (keep swiping) of me last month looking FOIIIINE as hell in a string bikini so they can have the most updated ‘not hot’ content,” she continued. “Also, I was hot last year too ✌🏻 The media always acts shocked when ‘celebs’ suffer mental health breakdowns but they continue to perpetuate unrealistic body standards and push toxic diet culture on us all.”

She concluded, “If you are seeing this and you’re fat as hell or just have a body that isn’t chiseled and traditionally ‘hot’ and wanna go to the MF beach or put on a swimsuit: DO IT.”