Kelly Dodd is apologizing for her transphobic comments in a Cameo video.

It started when a fan named Jennifer listed her preferred pronouns, she/her, in the video request form.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star was paid $100 in which she starts the clip saying, “Jennifer, so they switched up this Cameo bulls**t right. And they say, ‘This is Jennifer she/her.’ I don’t get this. You’re either a boy or a girl, OK?”

“You’re born a girl or a boy,” Dodd added. “I don’t get it. You’re Jennifer. I’m sorry, I don’t give a f**k OK? I’m already fired.”

Dodd went on to wish Jennifer a happy birthday from a “billion dollar house” with “no food” and congratulate her for having a daughter that is going to medical school.

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The reality star complained her own daughter “can’t even f**king turn the doorknob.”

Dodd, who was fired from “RHOC”, concluded, “I’m off the show, so thank you for giving this to me.”

Criticism of the video quickly spread over Twitter so Dodd returned with another clip to apologize, claiming she was “drinking” and reacted “in my own raw and unfiltered way.”

“I realize I have a habit of offending people and apparently I’ve done it again,” Dodd said in her apology video, claiming that is the first time she saw pronouns on Cameo. “This was the first time I saw a reference of he/him/she/they/them. I grew up, I grew up in Arizona with people [who] were born a boy and a girl and maybe a hermaphrodite here and there. But that’s how I grew up. I grew up that way and so did everybody in my era. That’s what I’m used to. When I was reading the Cameo I saw the pronouns and we’d been drinking and I was just reacting in my own raw and unfiltered way.”

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Dodd continued to say she does “accept everyone for who they are” and that she doesn’t “hate on anyone.”

“I’m not transphobic. I was just unfamiliar with the language,” she said.

“In the same way people want me to be tolerant of them, I only ask you to be tolerant of me,” Dodd added. “I do have very strong opinions and you may not agree with them in the same way that I might not agree with your opinions.”

Dodd finished her apology by asking for help with learning about using proper pronouns. “And I’m learning and I’m growing and maybe you can help me with this. I need to learn. I just want everyone to get along. I love everybody and I’m just trying to learn.”