Zooey Deschanel has joined TikTok and did it with a splash.

The star brought back the “New Girl” opening with a new twist.

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The clip features Deschanel singing along to the theme song in a variety of looks and locations. She finishes it by picking up a picture frame for the ending of the song, “who’s that girl?”

But instead of saying “it’s Jess,” Deschanel flatly states, “No, it’s me Zooey. Hi. I’m on TikTok.”


It’s just me, Zooey. And I’m on TikTok now. Hi!

♬ original sound – Lauren

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For those not familiar, this is the original opening:

While Deschanel just joined the social media platform and only has the one video, she has already managed just under 450 thousand followers. Her boyfriend, Jonathan Scott, has had TikTok for some time but rarely posts.