Robert Downey Jr. has an extensive list of movies under his belt but it is perhaps “Iron Man” that first springs to mind for most.

On the weekend, The Sunday Times tweeted an opinion that “Iron Man could be played by almost anyone with wit.”

They quickly lived to regret that statement as fans of Downey Jr. and Marvel overtook Twitter to disagree.

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Many people shared Stan Lee’s 2017 comments about having him play the role.

“I think of all of them, when Robert Downey Jr. played Stark, he was just great,” Lee said. “That man was born to be Iron Man, you know? He’d be on the top of the list.”

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While others brought up the fact that Tom Cruise was considered for the role but there is no way he would have had the same effect.

And as “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn put it, “I’ve seen the screen tests. This is bulls**t.”

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