Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard aren’t afraid to call one another out.

The “Frozen” star took to Instagram over the weekend to share a hilarious video showing Shepard commenting on her leaving used toilet tissue on the toilet seat.

She wrote in the caption, “I got busted by @daxshepard. But Peeing IS a waste of time, and stand by that statement,” sharing an audio clip of herself saying: “Peeing is such a waste of time, so when I’m in there, I’m just looking to get off as quickly as possible and wrap it up.”

Shepard asked, “And you just let the toilet paper go wherever it goes?”

The first clip Bell shared showed the paper in question on the seat, with the actress laughing: “What’s your question?”

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Shepard replied, “What was the intention? Was it to be in the toilet bowl or in the trash can because now that I have to finish the task you started, I just want to make sure I do it correctly.”

Bell admitted, “Obviously, I didn’t care,” before pushing the tissue into the toilet.

Shepard insisted, “Good to know. In the future, always, that’s where it was supposed to go?” before Bell admitted, “It was dark in here,” as Shepard quipped, “It’s dark in here a lot, apparently, because that happens, I don’t know—four, five days a week.”

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Shepard told Bell in another clip, “You have to imagine how many times I’ve seen that before I decided to say something.”

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