Art really can save a life.

On Monday, a resurfaced video went viral in which Bill Murray describes about a painting saved him from a spiral of depression.

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The video dates back to 2014, at a London press conference for the film “The Monuments Men”.

Murray describes being so overcome by depression during a period before he became a successful actor that he intended to drown himself in Lake Michigan.

As he walks around the city contemplating suicide, Murray ended up at the Art Institute of Chicago and saw the painting “The Song of the Lark” by Jules-Adolphe Breton.

“I thought, ‘Well there’s a girl who doesn’t have a whole lot of prospects, but the sun’s coming up anyway and she’s got another chance at it,’” he said of his reaction to the painting. “So I think that gave me some sort of feeling that I, too, am a person and I get another chance everyday the sun comes up.”

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Murray turned things around from that low moment, going on to appear on “Saturday Night Live” and a successful movie career.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Depression Hurts and Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868 all offer ways of getting help if you, or someone you know, may be suffering from mental health issues.