Tito Jackson says a Jackson family reunion tour with sister Janet Jackson is very much a possibility.

Tito recently dropped by “Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef” to talk about the Jackson family, Janet and their brother Michae Jackson. Tito is optimistic about a Jackson family tour with Janet.

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“That’s been talked about for so many years in that’s very possible,” Tito confirmed. “Hopefully, that can happen. You know, we can have the entire family on stage, you know, separately, at once; however we plan to do it, but that would be a great package.”

In fact, there were plans for a Jackson family tour prior to Michael’s death.

“What happened, that Michael was scheduled to do the O2 Arena over in the U.K. in London,” he explained. “And we were planning on add, adding on to his show at the end of that tour run and continuing from there. So that was the plan, but we never came to fruition and we all know why.

“We decided that we’re continuing to perform and do what we do. The world still loves the Jacksons and Michael would want us to continue as well,” Tito asserted. “So that’s where we are with that.”

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Tito also dished on what Janet is like as a mother to son Eissa Al Mana.

“Janet is a fantastic mother,” he said. “I never thought Janet would be a mother, you know, of all things. But I think it’s natural for the females in my family to be good moms. Cause my mom was a good mom. And so I think that just comes with there being, yeah. Yeah. I will classify Janet as a good mother. I love being Uncle Tito. It has a ring to it.”